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Minerals Management Division

The Minerals Division manages 2.567 million mineral acres throughout the State. Of this acreage, 1.215 million mineral acres are in oil and gas producing counties and another 1.352 million acres are in non-producing counties. The school and other trusts own 1,839,000 of this acreage. Foreclosed properties formerly managed by the Bank of North Dakota and Sovereign Lands make up the remaining 728,000 mineral acres.

Major sources of income from these assets are lease bonus payments and royalties on oil and gas produced. The objective of the Division is to optimize the revenue from mineral interests by ensuring the minerals are exploited in an effective and responsible manner.

Activities within the Division include title work and analyzing extension, assignment, and pooling requests for oil and gas leases. The Division also issues coal and potash leases.

Oil Drilling


Drew Combs
Director of Minerals Management Division
Telephone: (701) 328-1909
Allisen Bement
Land Professional
Telephone: (701) 328-1952

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