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Current News:

Contingency Grant Funds For Unknown and Unanticipated Needs

The Land Board has appointed a grant advisory committee, which will meet to determine recommendations for grant guidelines, eligibility criteria, application window, and adopt a weighted scoring process.

The Contingency Grant Advisory Committee will meet from 12:30pm-2:30pm Mountain Time, at the Dunn County Highway Dept. Shop in Killdeer, ND to develop the grant guidelines, eligibility criteria, application window, and adopt a weighted scoring process.  This is a public meeting and it posted on the ND Secretary of State website.

Energy Impact Grants To Airports

December 6, 2017 - The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) awarded grants to a number of airports in western North Dakota impacted by oil development and activity.  These grants will help modernize and improve the facilities for a number of years to come. 


Four general aviation airports were awarded six energy impact grants which will complete the granting of funds appropriated by the 2015 Legislative Assembly.  The facilities awarded oil and gas impact grants by the Land Board are:


               Mohall Municipal Airport                Phase II SRE/Terminal Building                 $     70,000

                                                                               Relocate Fuel System                                  $     30,000


               Stanley Municipal Airport               Taxiway Expansion                                      $   170,000


               Tioga Municipal Airport                   Design GA Terminal Building                     $     80,000


               Watford City Municipal Airport     Land Acquisition                                          $   400,000

                                                                               Coordination, Fees, Appraisals                 $   550,000

                                                                                                                        TOTAL                  $1,300,000


Two commercial airports were awarded 17 energy impact grants, eleven grants to the Williston Airport and six grants to the Dickinson airport, respectively.  Almost $20 million of the $40 million appropriated for the 2017-2019 biennium were awarded. The appropriations were approved with Senate Bill 2013, as adopted by the 2017 Legislative Assembly.  There are also federal funds committed and available to support construction of these two facilities.


The facilities awarded impact grants are:


               Williston Municipal Airport             New Airport Construction – Phase I       $     858,521

                                                                               New Airport Construction – Phase II      $  3,061,852

                                                                               New Airport Construction – Phase III     $ 1,983,313

                                                                               Enbridge Pipeline Relocation                   $  4,734,500

                                                                               OneOK Pipeline Relocation                      $  2,218,640

                                                                               Commercial Service Apron                       $     279,225

                                                                               Design General Aviation Taxiways          $     340,234

                                                                               Design Crosswind Runway/Taxiway       $     261,675

                                                                               FAA Agreement #4 and #5                        $     495,000

                                                                               Procure FAA NAVAIDS                                $  4,046,040

                                                                               Design Perimeter Security Fence             $     221,000

                                                                                                                        SUB-TOTAL         $18,500,000


Dickinson Municipal Airport            FAA 2017 AIP#38                                        $       71,111

                                                                               FAA 2017 AIP#37                                        $     222,230

                                                                               NAVAID Reimbursable Agreement          $     267,224

                                                                               NAVAID Design and Coordination           $     481,500

                                                                               Wetland Mitigation                                    $     180,000

                                                                               Land Acquisition Prelim Services             $     180,000

                                                                                                                        SUB-TOTAL         $  1,402,065

Past News:


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