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Current News:

Available Contingency Grant Funds For Unknown and Unanticipated Needs = Eligible oil and gas development impacted political subdivisions may apply for grant consideration if their entity has an emergency need. Applications will be reviewed, based on specific criteria through traditional application processes.  Projects will only be considered once, based on what is provided in the application, and the approving authority rests with the Land Board.  The application should identify how the project or acquisition is necessitated as a result of current oil and gas development activity.

The Land Board has tabled the decision to advertise this grant round until its next meeting.  Consideration of two factors come into play:
   1) Appointment of an advisory committee vs. delays in making decisions on emergency requests for grant funds
   2) Establishing an application window vs. leaving an open-ended period based on unknown needs

        Contingency Target:    $2,000,000

Past News:

UPDATED:  October 26, 2017
The Land Board has modified its approved motion and increases the ceiling for Williston Airport from $15 million to $18.5 million.

August 23, 2017

Re: 2017 Airport Grant Announcement
On behalf of the North Dakota Board of University and School Lands (Land Board), the Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office is announcing a grant round for eligible airports that are impacted by oil and gas development.  The funding comes from appropriations from House Bill 1176 during the 2015 Legislative Assembly and Senate Bill 2013 during the 2017 Legislative Assembly. The grant funds announced today will support airports within oil-producing counties and include:
     1)     Up to $15 million for continued construction projects of the Williston Airport
     2)     Up to $1.5 million for continued improvements to the Dickinson Airport
     3)     Up to $1.3 million for improvements to other municipal airports
The ND Aeronautics Commission will act as the Land Board’s advisory committee in reviewing applications and will submit recommendations, which the Land Board will make the final decision to award the grants later in 2017. Criteria used in evaluating the projects will include: safety improvement; financial need; result of energy activity; project readiness; and contribution to long term viability. Cost-share requirements must consider the availability of local and federal funds to support the projects. Priority funds will be to projects that have been awarded or are eligible to receive federal funding. Grants to Williston airport will be awarded only when related federal funding is committed and available to be spent on the new airport construction project.
Requests for improvements to airport readiness and responsiveness of oil and gas development will be considered. All grant applications will include appropriate matching funds prior to submission. The application is available on the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission web page: This Internet site contains a PDF version of the application format that can be completed on-screen.
Funds will not be disbursed to successful grant recipients until projects are substantially complete, and the supporting documentation is submitted along with a Reimbursement Request form found online at:
Completed applications and supporting materials should be mailed via US postage paid envelope to P.O. Box 5020, faxed to the ND Aeronautics Commission office at (701) 328-9656, or e-mailed to  Applications submitted will be accepted from August 23, 2017 and until 5:00 p.m. Central Time on September 29, 2017.  Award notification is expected for early December 2017.

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