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All unclaimed property is held in trust in perpetuity by the state of North Dakota. All unclaimed property is invested in the Common Schools Trust Fund and the income is used to benefit North Dakota's kindergarten through high school students.

The Unclaimed Property Division advertises twice in a newspaper of general circulation in each county. Division staff attend multiple trade shows and fairs each year to both publicize the names of property owners and provide information for property holders. In addition, radio and television appeals are made to get information out to property owners. The division also maintains an Internet site (as you know) which provides a variety of information to holders and owners.

Technically, no. However, we highly recommend the practice since it helps to create & maintain a filing history for your business. They should be filed electronically, either via the website or on diskette or CD Rom in NAUPA format.

November 1 for all companies other than life insurance companies for whom the due date is May 1.

June 30 for all companies other than life insurance companies for whom the cut off date is December 31.

Report forms are not sent but can be downloaded, along with instructions, from this web site.

Yes. North Dakota requires that all property be remitted with the report.

Yes. Due diligence is required to be completed no more than 120 days prior to the date of the report. It must be in the form of a written notice to the apparent owner at the owner's last known address informing the owner that the holder is in possession of the property.

The customer can be referred directly to the Unclaimed Property Division or you can honor their request and then submit a request for reimbursement to the Unclaimed Property Division.

File, as soon as possible, an amended report for the year in which the error occurred. Call the Unclaimed Property Division if you want to clarify the situation.

If the last address for the owner is a North Dakota address, unclaimed property should be sent to North Dakota. If the address is in another state, unclaimed property should be sent to that state. If there is no address the unclaimed property should be sent to the state of incorporation of a corporation or the state of domicile of the main office for any other type of organization.

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Unclaimed Property Division
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