Contact the Department of Trust Lands as soon as a general route or well site location is identified but before any survey work is done. The Department of Trust Lands will meet on-site with the applicant to finalize the route/location. Once the route/vmLegalDescriptionAndProposedLocation is approved by the Department of Trust Lands, the survey can be completed by the applicant. The survey must be completed before the easement or permit or surface damage agreement can be issued. However, the survey should not be completed before the on-site routing inspection by the Department of Trust Lands because the proposed route may not be approved or a different route may be selected which would require a new survey.

The pipeline, road, electrical line or other linear facility must be built along the center line of the survey.

The following are examples of a general route map and survey in the form required by the Department of Trust Lands. If you have any questions about the survey requirements or general route map, please contact the Department of Trust Lands.

Rural electric, telephone and water cooperatives: The requirement is that the facility must be accurately located using the description in the easement or permit document. In most cases this requires a survey but sometimes it is possible to describe a simple route without a survey. For example, an electrical line might be described as "75 feet south of and parallel to the north section line". Many section corners have already been identified and section line roads are also a good way to identify a location. This option is most often used by rural electric cooperatives, rural telephone and rural water systems. If you think that you may be able to use this option, please contact the Department of Trust Lands before hiring a surveyor.

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