Map Accuracy

There are two parts to the accuracy of using the maps of school trust lands in the field.

  1. Accuracy of the base map, and
  2. Accuracy of the G.P.S. unit

The accuracy of the coordinates on the maps of school trust lands is approximately ±70 feet. The best available state wide base map was used to generate these coordinates. Accuracy is limited to the accuracy of the base map. At some time in the future, a more detailed base map may be available as county lands are surveyed but until then, ±70 feet is the best that can be done on a state wide basis.

Most GPS units purchased today use a Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). Under optimum conditions, a GPS unit receiving WAAS signals is accurate to approximately 9 feet. Generally, the accuracy is degraded by several factors resulting in more common accuracies of 12 - 20 feet. Your GPS unit should show you an Expected Position Error (EPE) which will indicate the accuracy of the signals that you are receiving. This does not indicate the accuracy of the coordinates on the map that you are using.

As you can see, care must be exercised in interpreting your GPS readings and the accuracy of the maps while in the field.

By using common sense, these maps and a GPS unit can give you a close approximation of your location on the school trust land. This can be especially helpful where there are no boundary fences or section line roads.


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