Aerial Photographs of School Trust Lands

Maps of school trust lands are now available in two formats:

  1. 2003 color aerial photographs with the outlines of the school trust lands showing the latitude and longitude of the section corners, and
  2. Only the outlines of the school trust lands with the latitude and longitude of the corners for faster downloads with dial-up modems.

These maps can be used either with or without a GPS unit.

If you are using a GPS unit, the latitude and longitude are shown in decimal degree format using the WGS84 map datum. Most GPS units use WGS 84 as their default setting. Make sure that your GPS map datum is set to WGS 84 and decimal degrees when using the latitude and longitude on these maps. Your GPS manufacturer's manual will explain how to check your map datum setting and reset it if necessary. For more information on map datums and decimal degrees, go to the Map Datum Page.

The latitude and longitude are accurate to within approximately ±70 feet. For more information about the accuracy of these maps go to the Map Accuracy Page.

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All maps require Adobe Reader to view and should be usable with a dial-up internet connection. If you don't have Adobe Reader, go to to download the free program.


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