Noxious Weed FAQ

We do this as a courtesy to keep the weed control officer informed of what is happening in their county and it also provides contact between our lessees and the weed officer, who is knowledgeable concerning the latest information on control and identification of noxious weeds.

Labor rates are as varied as the people who are doing the work. We suggest you consider the man-hours spent in actual spraying and the efficiency of your equipment and your methods. If there is a question about the labor amount being excessive, we will contact you before the payment is approved.

Yes, you can with the LONG FORM. If you are spraying in June and again with follow-up in September, we would encourage you to submit the form soon after each spraying. That way you can still find the receipt and the spraying time is still fresh in your mind. If you want to wait and submit one form at the end of the year, do so, but be sure you have it mailed before the deadline. Late requests will not be paid.
Click for a copy of the LONG FORM

We implemented the SHORT FORM in 1998. Tell us when you sprayed this year, what amount of Tordon you used and the hours spent spraying. We can cost-share up to $100 with this form. No receipt and no signature by the weed officer is needed.

Yes, chemical control is still necessary to maintain the front-line of defense. In the first year of release, stay back about 200 feet from the release site. But continue your spraying efforts on leafy spurge. As the insectary grows, you can widen the ring of no-spraying. The flea beetles can be an effective new tool in the leafy spurge war, but they are not the "cure-all" that some want to believe they are.

Contact the Noxious Weed Program

If you have more questions, please contact the Department of Trust Lands and speak to Jerry Saude at (701) 328-1919 or

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