Flea Beetle Program

Since 1993 Department of Trust Lands staff and lessees have released insects for leafy spurge control on numerous school trust lands. Some releases have become established and we are now conducting "harvest field days" on these. The release of leafy spurge flea beetles is one of the components of the IPM " Integrated Pest Management " philosophy. NDSU has been a leader along with the ND Dept of Agriculture and APHIS-PPQ, in bringing this innovation to North Dakota farmers, ranchers and land managers. Check out their information at " Leafy Spurge Control using Flea Beetles"

Research is being done to correlate the emergence of the adult flea beetles and certain stages of common North Dakota native plant species and agricultural crops. It has been recommended to begin scouting for adult Aphthona nigriscutis when the average growing degree days (AGDD) Average Growing Degree Days for sunflower reaches 1000. Flea Beetle density prior to 1200 AGDD is low, which makes it difficult to effectively monitor the true establishment. Density of egg-laying females starts to decline at 1600 AGDD.

Target AGDD for the flea beetle harvest is:

A. Lacertosa 1200 - 1600 AGDD
A. Nigriscutis 1200 - 1600 AGDD

Researchers have observed adult Aphthona emergence to begin concurrently with bloom initiation of Prairie Roses, Yarrow & ripening of your garden strawberries and peak bloom of Yarrow (white) in late June.

AGDD Flea Beetle

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