Noxious Weed Program


To help defray the costs of control, it is a policy of the State Land Department to cost share up to 50% of the allowable expenses incurred in spraying grasslands owned by the school trusts. This is our "LONG FORM". If you are spraying small patches and are using less than a gallon of chemical during the year, maybe the "SHORT FORM" or " ONLINE FORM" is for you. Either form can be used to request reimbursement for your costs of control on the school trust which you lease.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not received a cost share payment in the past (and because funds are limited), you must have the estimated costs approved by the Department of Trust Lands before spraying unless your estimated costs are $200 or less. If you do no follow recommended guidelines, your request for reimbursement will be denied. Denial for Reimbursement

When applying for cost share with the LONG FORM, please remember the following:

When applying for cost share with the SHORT FORM or ONLINE FORM, please remember the following:

If you have questions regarding identification and control of noxious weeds, contact your Weed Control Officer or County Extension Offices who can provide you with a "Leafy Spurge Bulletin" . They can also advise you of the best times to spray and the proper chemicals to use for control of noxious weeds. Additional sites of interest are the NDSU Weed Control Guide , Ground Water Maps, and Endangered Species Plan for ND. These will help you determine if there are restrictions on the chemical you want to use.
Always read and follow the manufacturers label. Chemical Labels. If you have questions about Pesticide Safety , view these sites.

Additional information on manufacturers: Pesticide Company Sites

Online Form

Long Form (PDF Format)
Short Form (PDF Format)

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