Surface Management Division

About Surface Management

Information on the Surface Management Division.

Surface Lease Auctions

View auction dates, locations and all other pertinent auction information.

Surface Lease Inquiry

Grazing Calculator

Get estimated days of grazing for school land based on the livestock you plan to graze.

Reclamation Reporting

Submit Reclamation Reports using our mobile friendly website.

Training For Reclamation Reporting

Use this site to submit example/test reclamation reports while you learn how to use the Reclamation Reporting website. Reports you submit here will be removed every week.

Right-of-Way On-Line Application and Procedures

The on-line application form for submitting a request for an easement, permit or surface damage agreement can be found here. If you have questions about easements, permits or surface damage agreements and the process on school trust lands, this is the place to start.

Right-of-Way Search

Active rights-of-way issued on trust lands are available on-line to print, search and download the conveyance and the surveys.

Construction Aggregate, Clay, Coal, and Geophysical Exploration Applications

Construction aggregate and clay are leased for mining on trust lands. This site provides detailed information on how to apply for prospecting permits and leases for gravel, scoria, sand, clay and general soil and archeological surveys.

Geophysical Exploration

Commonly called “seismic permits” this is where applications are accepted for exploration on trust minerals.

Public Access Information

Most School trust lands are open to non-vehicular access. The few tracts that are posted are listed here.

Livestock Water Development Permit Application and Procedures

The on-line application form for submitting a request for a livestock water development permit can be found here. If you have questions about livestock water development permits and the process on school trust land, this is the place to start.

Noxious Weed Control/Cost Share

Check for noxious weed control information on school trust lands, including cost share.

Aerial Photographs of School Trust Lands

View and print aerial photographs and GPS corners of your favorite school trust lands.

County Rents and Values Annual Survey – North Dakota

Beginning in 2013, the annual County Rents & Values results will be available only on the North Dakota Department of Trust Lands website. This is the same survey done by the North Dakota Agricultural Statistics Service in previous years. This site also contains a link to the historical surveys.

Managing for Drought

We have to be eternal optimists to live in North Dakota but we can't ignore and must plan for the inevitable drought. Check out these important resources for drought management.

Fact Sheets

Do you have a question about school trust lands? These fact sheets contain the answers to many commonly asked questions.

Contact the Surface Management Division

1707 North 9th Street | PO Box 5523 | Bismarck, ND 58506-5523 | Telephone: (701)328-2800 | Fax: (701)328-3650

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