Baiting of Wildlife PROHIBITED

State school trust lands are leased for pasture and meadow purposes. Baiting with hay, feed grains and/or grain by-products can lead to destruction of the native vegetation and can also spawn noxious weed infestations. Lessees are not allowed to feed livestock on school trust lands so it is logical that baiting wildlife is also not allowed.

The ND Game & Fish defines Baiting; as the placement and/or use of bait for attracting big game and other wildlife to a specific location for the purpose of hunting. Baits include, but are not limited to, grains, minerals, salts, fruits, vegetables, hay or any other natural or manufactured foods.

Baiting or feeding of wildlife, in any form or fashion is not allowed on school trust lands. For more information regarding this topic, contact Jerry Saude at or call (701) 328-1919.

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