ND State Land Commissioner

Jodi A Smith

Commissioner Jodi Smith

Jodi Smith, is a western native described by many as a leader who when confronted with a challenge, looks for opportunity. She is strategic. A passionate explorer in pursuit of excellence who is extremely resourceful and leads with purpose and meaning. Ms. Smith was appointed as the Commission for the Board of University and School Lands in 2017. The North Dakota Department of Trust Lands is responsible for management and oversight of educational trust funds, mineral acres and other assets for the benefit of public schools and institutions in North Dakota. The Department administers nearly $5 billion of financial asset investments, over 700,000 surface acres and more than 2.5 million mineral acres

Trust Lands and providing overall direction and oversight for all divisions within the Department; as well as inspiring innovative policies to diversify the State Land Office’s portfolio, increase assets, and improve conservation efforts. She serves both as the chief spokesperson for public relations and legislative communications and as a member of the State Investment Board.

Ms. Smith has earned a bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University in biology and a master’s degree in management from Regis University. Her business and agricultural background and career experience have prepared Ms. Smith for her role as State Land Commissioner.

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