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Airports K-12 Schools Human Trafficking Nursing Home

Grant Schedule:

Fiscal Year 2017 - 2018

June - September 2016                   Airports (via ND Aeronautics)                                                 Cancelled

October – December 2016            Critical Access Hospitals                                                           Completed

December 2016                               Providers of Developmentally Disabled                                Completed

January-February 2017                   Domestic Violence (via Commerce Dept.)                             Completed

February 2017                                  Cities of Stanley, Kenmare, Berthold, Burlington                Completed

March 2017                                      EMS                                                                                              Completed

March-April 2017                             Law Enforcement                                                                      Re-appropriated

April 2017                                          Nursing Homes/Basic Care/Hospice                                     Completed

May 2017                                          Provider of Developmentally Disabled                                 Completed

June 2017                                          Human Trafficking                                                                    Completed

August 2017                                      Nursing Homes/Basic Care 2nd Round                                Applications Closed

August 2017                                      Bowman/Divide Counties                                                       Applications Closed

August 2017                                      K-12 Schools                                                                             Completed

November 2017                               Other Airports (via ND Aeronautics)                                     Accepting Applications until September 29, 2017

December 2017                               General (eligible political                                                        Pending

                                                            subdivisions in Golden Valley, McHenry, McLean,

                                                            Renville, Slope, and Ward Counties)


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