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Airports K-12 Schools Human Trafficking Nursing Home

Grant Schedule:

Fiscal Year 2017 - 2018

June - September 2016                   Airports (via ND Aeronautics)                                                 Cancelled

October – December 2016            Critical Access Hospitals                                                           Completed

December 2016                               Providers of Developmentally Disabled                                Completed

January-February 2017                   Domestic Violence (via Commerce Dept.)                             Completed

February 2017                                  Cities of Stanley, Kenmare, Berthold, Burlington                Completed

March 2017                                      EMS                                                                                              Completed

March-April 2017                             Law Enforcement                                                                      Re-appropriated

April 2017                                          Nursing Homes/Basic Care/Hospice                                     Completed

May 2017                                          Provider of Developmentally Disabled                                  Awarded July 2017

June 2017                                          Human Trafficking                                                                    Application Period Closed

August 2017                                      Bowman/Divide Counties                                                       Pending

August 2017                                      K-12 Schools                                                                             Pending

August 2017                                      Other Airports                                                                          Pending

August 2017                                      General (eligible political                                                        Pending

                                                            subdivisions in Golden Valley, McHenry, McLean,

                                                            Renville, Slope, and Ward Counties)


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