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Application Evaluation Criteria

The Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office has developed criteria used in the application scoring process. The rating system is only a tool used during the review process and does not guarantee selection for an award. The current grant rating system includes the following rating categories:


If the grant round is designated for city infrastructure needs, an application from a city targeting a project to install water and sewer trunk lines up to a housing development would meet the objective of the grant round and would score high. If a township was submitting an application during that same city infrastructure grant round for upgrading a township road, the application would not meet the objective of the grant round and would score lower. Additionally, consideration is given that the project was a need resulting from oil and gas development.

Project Readiness

For a city infrastructure grant round application submitted to install water and sewer trunk lines up to a new housing development, engineering design and project estimates by a contractor are completed would result in a higher score for project readiness. The same application submitted where engineering and work estimates are not complete would result in a lower project readiness score

Result of Energy Activity

Consideration is given to the number of active drilling rigs and the amount of oil production taking place in the county the political subdivision resides in. The more active drilling rigs and production the higher the score. Similarly, the fewer active drilling rigs and production in the county, the lower the score.

Relates to health, welfare, and safety

If the application project is to address a health, welfare and safety issue resulting from impacts of oil and gas development, the application will receive a higher score on this criteria. Without there being a health, welfare and safety component to the application it will score lower.


This criteria is scored based on evaluation of various financial details including all revenue sources available, ending cash balance, prior awards received, unused award funds, debt load, and levy.

A Complete Application Submitted

This criteria is scored based on the applying political subdivision providing all supporting documentation as identified in the application at the time of submission. The score for this criteria has a very small weighting factor compared to the other criteria above.

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